Ticket Farming Method(Works with NBC)

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Ticket Farming Method(Works with NBC)

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:57 pm

This Method Works For Both NBC and BC.

Unfortunately, NBC Users will only receive 1 ticket per account instead of the normal 7 tickets.

Step 1. Go on The account you want to make the tix on, and make a gamepass. Not a Shirt

Step 2. Price the Gamepass at 10 tix, and save then copy your url.

Step 3. Log Out, and make new account. Once your done, paste the gamepass link into your search engine and search.

Step 4. Buy The gamepass and repeat Step 3.

Pros: This method is Much faster than the classic, make a new account and join your game method.

Cons: You have to wait 3-5 days to receive your tix since Gamepass profit goes directly into Pending Sales.

To View this, Just simply Go to trade currency, and click summary.

If You have any Questions, Feel Free to Shoot me a PM.


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