Here go List of all the hidden Places I know on Twisted

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Here go List of all the hidden Places I know on Twisted

Post by Negan on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:40 pm

(NEW) Airport
[WG] A location at the end of a hallway is blocked off and barred by tape. It is possible to climb the tape and pass through the roof. This one takes time and as very difficult, however. It is recommended that you have another player stand under you to boost you up.
[WG] Climb the slope of the T on the red statue, you should come out onto the roof.

(NEW) Bowling Alley
None as of yet, this map has a high ceiling unlike most maps, so it is very difficult to spot out a glitch here. Walls are thick as well, preventing any radio glitches.

Camping Trip (the one with the water fall)
[WG] You are able to climb the waterfall, though if you climb too far you'll fall off the map
[WG] It is possible to climb a certain area of the tunnel near the waterfall, most parts of it work.
[WG] In a small corner to the left of the waterfall behind a blue tent, a hill can be climbed over into a large opening otherwise inaccessible.

[RG] It is possible to radio glitch into an inverted corner by the tent on the 2nd floor.
[WG] Climb into a rock at the top of a mini-waterfall on the 1st floor. Your head will stick out of the 2nd floor for a while doing this glitch, though, so look out!
[WG] This one needs a second person. Climb on top of the mini-waterfall near the tent and have your partner stand next to the ledge hanging off the roof. Climb your partner into the ledge and you'll end up on the roof.

[RG] Put your radio into the back of the truck inside the barn, you will go inside of the truck.

[WG] Climb the oval mirror in the bathroom, you can walk on the top of the wall onto an invisible platform.
There's also that terrible glitch in the bedroom where you climb the TV, but that one doesn't work half the time.

Club MLG
[WG] This need two people. Have your partner stand on top of the large Mtn Dew can by the bar. Stand on your partner and have them jump while you jump. You should be able to walk on the walls nearby the bar. NOTE: A LOT OF WEIGHT IS NEEDED FOR THIS ONE.

[WG][DON'T PUT ON TOO MUCH WEIGHT OR THIS WON'T WORK] Jump into the white and grey are in the corner while holding a balloon (Bottom level)

[WG] Climb the slope on the side of the crooked poster by the classroom.

[WG] Climb the sides of the entrances of the tunnel. You won't get on top of the map, but you'll be in a safe area.

Leave a Vouch if this works <3


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